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Effective pest control and weed management in Clare

Take back control of your home and garden today and make sure you utilize our special skills here at Mid North Pest and Weed Control to rid your home of all of your unwanted invaders.
Pest and Weed Control in Clare
Reliable and Professional Weed Control in Clare

Pest Control

For over 30 years we have been delivering our superior pest and weed control services to residential, commercial and rural clients in the Mid North, including Clare, Clare Valley, Gawler, Peterborough, Crystal Brook, Gladstone and Port Pirie. With our expertise, spiders, termites, bees, wasps, rats, rodents, flies, fleas, cockroaches and any other creepy crawlies that have started to overrun your home will be no more, and you can begin to feel comfortable and cosy in your home once again.

Weed Control

But don’t stop with just your unwanted visitors indoors. Make sure you are in control of your outdoor areas too. Take advantage of our wonderful weed control service, helping to eliminate horehound, cape tulip, salvation jane, artichokes, wild poppy and any other unwanted and ugly plants from your beautiful garden. 

Your home and garden will truly be yours again if you take advantage of our specialised professional, efficient and effective weed and pest control services and make a stand today.  We promise you the highest standard of customer service and satisfaction and guarantee you’ll be thankful you got in touch.

Other Services

Mid North Pest & Weed Control also carries out pre-treats, and visual inspections. All our work comes with a 12-month service warranty and all the products we use are guaranteed environmentally-friendly.

For all your pest and weed problems, give Andrew a call at Mid North Pest & Weed Control today and declare war against your pesky and unwelcome and unwanted guests today.

For effective weed and pest control services in Clare, contact Mid North Pest and Weed control on 08 8842 2001 for an obligation free quote today!

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